Friday, March 2, 2018

The Relationship Bank Account

In our 8th grade leadership group, SEALs (Service, Education, Attitude, and Leadership), we do a book study on the Sean Covey book, The Six Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make. One of the major tenets of Mr. Covey's book is a concept known as the "Relationship Bank Account." This idea holds that every relationship that we have is similar to a financial account that has either a positive balance or a negative balance. Naturally, the higher the balance the stronger the relationship.

Covey (2006) also asserts that deposits can be made into these relationship accounts and withdrawals can be taken out. When you do something positive for someone with whom you have a relationship, you make a deposit. When you do something negative, you make a withdrawal. The goal, therefore, is to have a healthy balance in every relationship account.

As teachers, we have a Relationship Bank Account with every student in our care. We make small deposits into their bank accounts each time we say hello to them, give them a fist bump, ask them how they are doing, or ask them how their weekend was. We make mid-sized deposits by helping them with work in class or assisting them with minor problems. We make huge deposits when we go to their school events to watch them, visit them when they are in the hospital, or take the time to brag on them to their parents. We make withdrawals any time we have to discipline them or give them other negative consequences. Therefore, some withdrawals are necessary. We also make withdrawals when we let them down, treat them unfairly, or don't do what we say we will do.

Some students can be so difficult that it is all we can do to keep our account out of the red. With most, however, it is relatively easy to keep a healthy account. All we have to do is notice them, talk with them, and take good care of them when they need us. Have you checked your balances lately?

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6 - Texas Primary Election Day, voting at WGMS in room A206
7 - Cheer tryouts, main gym, 4:30
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