Thursday, February 15, 2018

Learning Walks for Teacher Improvement

Think back, all you teachers out there, to the semester of college that you did your observation hours. We were required to go to a teacher's classroom and watch him or her teach for x number of hours. This was supposed to help us see examples of great teaching that we could then transfer to own classrooms. Before student teaching, we observed lessons taught by our mentor; then, we took over the teaching.

For many teachers, sadly, that is the last time we have watched someone else teach. We go to our rooms daily; and for the most part, do it just like we have in years past. Sure, we read books about instruction, attend conferences on instruction, and do other types of professional development. But sometimes the best PD is right next door to our own classrooms.

As a principal, I get to see the best of the best teach. I have seen a countless number of incredible lessons and activities during my tenure at WGMS, everything from battles being re-enacted and rockets being launched to students writing powerful poetry and then sharing it in a coffee house. I have become a better teacher myself as a direct result of watching our teachers teach.

You don't always have to drive to a conference or workshop to get better at your craft. You simply need to take a stroll down the hall.

Upcoming Events

19 - iPlan Day at MHS, 8:00 - 3:30
19 - Alan November debrief, 3:30, library
23 - 4th six weeks ends
24 - Band Solo and Ensemble Contest
26 - Lead Teacher meeting, 4:00

2 - Last day to enter purchase orders for supplies

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