Friday, January 19, 2018

Keep the Fire Burning

I believe that our professional lives are much like a fire that burns within us, that is, a level of passion for our work. For some, that fire may have gone out years ago, resulting in job dissatisfaction, poor performance, and consequently, the changing of jobs. Conversely, they are those out there who are constantly looking for ways to improve, to learn more, and to better serve others. Regardless of where we fall on this spectrum, we all have a fire inside us, be it a small flame or a roaring inferno. The level of own fire depends solely upon us and how we tend to it. If left unattended, it will go out.

I believe strongly that great educators have a fire that is consistently burning red hot. Sure, they have bad days or even bad weeks. Certainly, they see the myriad of things that we have to do as teachers as overwhelming and tough. However, they never lose focus on what is important: great instruction and caring relationships with students. In fact, their fire is built upon those two pillars.

In order to keep our fires going, they must be fed regularly. We have to keep learning by reading and by seeking out relevant professional development. We have to continue to refine our craft, understanding that no lesson is ever perfect. We must seek out ways to better build relationships with our kids. We all must seek out ways to serve others better. These acts throw huge logs on our professional fires and keep them burning white hot. How high is your fire?

Upcoming Events


23 - Lovejoy ISD to visit GCS
23 - 5th Grade Parent Night, 6:00, cafeteria
25 - Basketball vs. Finley, boys home, girls away, 5:30
26 - Cat Night, 6:00 - 10:00


1 - Basketball vs. Ennis, girls home, boys away, 5:30

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